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The ADC industry is undoubtedly booming right now, following successes from Enhertu and Trodlevy. However, due to challenges in resistance, safety, cellular trafficking and payload optimization, drug developers are looking to widen their toolkit of payloads, and outsource to experts in payload development and synthesis.

The inaugural ADC Payload Summit is uniting 60+ Chemists, Medicinal Chemists, and those involved with Discovery to improve efficacy of traditional payloads, diversify mechanisms of action in toolkits of payloads and broader therapeutics applications of ADCs in cancer and beyond! 

These drug developers are looking to partner with companies working in the ADC payload space who can provide them with novel payloads to utilize with their ADC, and for companies who can help them in their design and synthesis of both novel and traditional payloads.

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Our Audience Is Looking To Partner With:

Payload Discovery Companies

Payload Design & Synthesis Experts



Zhejiang Huida Biotech.

Innovation Partner

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Shanghai Haoyuan Chemexpress

Exhibition Partner

Drug Developers Are Looking To Partner With:

Payload Discovery Companies

Companies with Expertise in Payload Design & Synthesis


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Showcase your novel payload technology to ADC payload experts, and form partnerships and business leads with those in the ADC space who live and breathe payloads

Demonstrate thought leadership and drive brand exposure to highlight yourself as a go-to solution provider with a keynote speaking position on our agenda

Maximize the balance of learning from our speakers and networking with attendees to educate yourself on the industry’s current needs and build new relationships at the center of your target audience


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