2024 Partners



Zhejiang Huida Biotech.

Innovation Partner

Zhejiang Huida Biotech Co., LTD. is a Hangzhou China based company, subsidiary of Huadong Medicine Co., Ltd.. Huida focuses on R&D and commercial supply of high quality ADC payloads, linkers, and provides customerization services on specific payload+linker with regulatory support including full quality study to the customers.

As of now, we already have Exatecan Mesylate (US DMF submitted with No. MF036614), DM1(US DMF submitted with No. MF037293), MMAE (US DMF submitted with MF038481), Ansamitocin P-3 (US DMF submitted with MF038485), Ansamitocin P-0 (US DMF submitted with MF038875), Calicheamicin (US DMF to be submitted as intended), VcMMAE (US DMF to be submitted as intended).




Program Partner

Abzena is a life science group with headquarters in the UK, and chemistry and manufacturing sites in the US. Abzena’s complimentary services and technologies in chemistry, biology and manufacturing, are applied to the selection, development and manufacture of better biopharmaceuticals. Abzena works with most of the top 20 biopharmaceutical companies and academic groups all over the world and is focused
on enabling the development of better treatments for patients. Abzena’s technologies have enabled many of its customers to progress products through to clinical development. Abzena was created through the incorporation of Antitope, PacificGMP, PolyTherics and The Chemistry Research Solution (TCRS); all of whom now trade as Abzena.


chem express


Exhibition Partner

Founded in 2006, ChemExpress focuses on providing small molecule and new modalities CDMO services. Our comprehensive CRO & CDMO platform is engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and supply of regulatory starting materials, novel building blocks, intermediates, reference compounds, APIs and drug products.

ChemExpress also lead the field for ADC drug development providing one-stop CRO & CDMO services for both small molecule and ADC conjugation. Our facilities include R&D laboratories, kilogram-scale GMP plants and commercial-scale GMP manufacturing plants. This enables us to provide end-to-end project support from discovery to commercialization.

With over 80 payloads and 400 linkers in stock, along with extensive experience extensive experience in linker compound synthesis, with over 1,000 successful syntheses. Currently, we have 8 DMF-filed ADC small molecule products and have collaborated with RemeGen to develop and launch RC48, the first approved ADC drug in China. To date, we’ve empowered more than 780 clients to develop their ADC projects.


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Exhibition Partner

Since 1921, Indena has offered custom development and manufacturing solutions, continuously expanding its range of high-quality services for the benefit of its partners. We recently opened new suites for HPAPIs and APIs, to guarantee enhanced flexibility while retaining the highest quality standards. We can put a dedicated CDMO division, supported by a strong R&D team, at our partners’